Wood pellets are made from sawmill residuals such as sawdust, hog and shavings combined with residuals from harvesting operations and low-grade timber that has no other economic value.

Over the next five years, it is estimated that the demand for wood pellets will increase 40 percent to nearly 51 million metric tonnes per year. The growing demand is driven in large part due to countries around the world seeking ways to meet ambitious climate targets in the face of an ever-warming planet.


Wood pellets are an efficient, cost-effective alternative source of energy that can be used in a number of power and heat applications. They are a solid renewable fuel consisting of dried, compressed wood fibres from:

  • Sawmill residuals (sawdust and shavings);
  • Logging debris, such as forest debris piles; and
  • Whole logs.

Canadian Wood pellets sourcing and exporting

Fully-loaded Service Corp has been exporting Canadian wood pellets fuel to Asia and Europe and is committed to meeting the growing worldwide demand for this clean energy source.

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